Our Performance

Galaxy has been developed and operated during the past 13 years when world economies have experienced some of the most unusual conditions. And yet, we have been able to make profits consecutively.

Balance Growth

One of our talents is compounding and growing account balance significantly. Over the years, we’ve turned a $1,200 account into $32,626.28; a $20,000 account into $56,845.91…and more!

Investment Comparison

For the past 13 years, low interest rates, low inflation and Quantitive Easing have not been seen in modern times, and certainly not simultaneously. These factors have supported strongly rising stock markets and kept bond markets near all-time highs, whilst gold has failed to glitter.

*The graph includes deduction of all Galaxy fees. For DJIA Fund, FTSE Fund, Gold and Bonds not included are interest, dividends and transaction charges as these are unknown variables.

Many of our customers have seen returns of 100% or more on their broker accounts annually.

Even the best hedge funds haven't acheived such results and they generally charge management fees as well.

The picture given by this graph, above, is one of almost too good to be true. It is true, however, and it is instructive to look at a few other performance features.

Hedge funds are difficult to compare over time as what is best one year may not be 2 years later. 

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI) is a benchmark designed to measure the performance of the largest cryptocurrencies traded in USD. The Index is owned and administered by Bloomberg and co-branded with Galaxy Digital Capital Management.

The Index is calculated and distributed under the oversight of Bloomberg’s Benchmark Oversight Committee and supervision of Bloomberg’s Product, Risk and Operations committee. Any material deviations or changes from established procedures are subject to review by Bloomberg’s governance and oversight process. The BGCI currently is based on Bitcoin (40%); Etherium (40%) and others (20%).


One of most special features is our Return on Investment (ROI) has been positive for the past 6 years. We only make money when you profit. Our average annual ROI is 21.81% after fees!

Trading Statements (Last Updated: 2024.04.19)

Below you can see some of our long-term trading statements for reference. The statements were exported from the trading platform directly.

Account A

Start Date: 2015.06.04
Leverage: 1:30
Starting Balance: $1,135.04
Total Net Profits: $30,700.46
(View Statement)

Account B

Start Date: 2019.10.09
Leverage: 1:500
Starting Balance: $995.32
Total Net Profits: $8,170.13
(View Statement)

Account C

Start Date: 2021.01.06
Leverage: 1:200
Start Balance: £5,000
Total Net Profits: £50,448.94
(View Statement)

Account D

Start Date: 2015.05.13
Leverage: 1:500
Start Balance: $1,200
Total Net Profits: $33,190.01
(View Statement)

Account E

Start Date: 2022.11.04
Start Balance: €4,995
Total Net Profits: €24,813.74
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